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  • A Portrait of Conditions of Energy in Iran and its Prospect till the Year of 2020
  • An Investigation on Possibilities of Transformation of Natural Gas into Middle Distilled Products (MDP)
  • The Optimized Utilization of Resources in Framework of Sustainable Development
  • An Investigation into Possibilities of Utilization of Renewable Energies in Sistan & Baluchestan Province
  • An Investigation on Substitution of Non – CFCs Matters in Refrigerant Cycles and its Impacts on Environment
  • Day Time Performance of 250 kw Solar Heat Power Plant in Meh Niro
  • Design and Development of Self Controlled Paddy Dryer and its Energy Efficiency
  • Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the Ambient Air of Esfahan
  • Emission of Greenhouse Gases in I.R. Iran
  • Energy Generation by Fossil Fuels and its Environmental Impacts in Iran
  • Environmental Response to the Thermal Power Plant's Effluent
  • Environmental Treatment for Using Coal in Power Plants
  • Necessity for Change in Characteristics of Oil Products in Connection with Air Pollution of Tehran
  • Solar Hydrogen
  • Solar Hydrogen and Environment
  • Sustainable Development in Energy Sector
  • Theory of Service to Hardship by Energy
  • The View of the Geothermal Energy Resources in Iran
  • An Investigation on Possibilities of Substitution of Natural Gas and Petroleum Products
  • Assessment of Environmental Taxation on National Aviation Industry
  • Changes of Consumption Pattern and its Effects on Eneergy Subsidy
  • Iran's Energy Policy: Subsidy
  • Natural Gas Pricing: Methods & Policy
  • OPEC's Approaches and Strategies in Market Envrionment
  • Supply of Financial Resources for Depovertization by Utilization of Electricity Subsides Sector
  • The Optimized Structure of Electricity Tariff in Iran
  • Aplication of F-Chart in Design of Heat System and Hot Water Consumption of Residential Buildings
  • A Suggestion for New Methods to Control Power Systems
  • Design of Large – Scale Digestors for Dung Utilization
  • Experimental Design of a Linear Parabolic Through Collector
  • Reliability Impact of Non- Utility Generation in Composite Generation and Transmission Systems
  • Site Envaluation of Appropriate Regions for Establishing Solar Power Plants
  • Substitution of Pressure Reduction Valves with Expansion Turbine in Pressure Reduction Stations for Power Generation
  • The Daylighting of Buildings: An Economically Viable, Energy – Conserving and Cooling Strategy for Hot – Arid Regions
  • The Importance of Consumption of Electrical Energy by Electric Motors
  • The Technical and Economical Study of Wind Turbines
  • Utilization of Heat Recovery to Supply Necessary Energy to Kish Island Desalination Unit
  • Water Balance Calculation for Alkaline Fuel Cells
  • An Investigation into Role of Information, Information Technology and Informant in the Country's Energy Management
  • Are Objectives of Development Achievable without Giving Priority to Energy Management?
  • A Study of the Methods for Optimizing Energy Consumption in Industries
  • Consulting House Expert System for Energy Saving in Buildings
  • Development and Social Pattern of Energy Consumption : Trend of Formulation, Development and Change Behaviours
  • Educationl Role of Topics of Electricity Consumption Management in Electricity Engineering Course
  • Energy Auditing in Industry
  • Energy Management and its Role in the Optimm Use of Energy Resources Strategies
  • Energy Management at Firm – Scale
  • Information vis-à-vis Energy : A structural Change for Technological Efficiency and Producitiviy Improvement
  • Management of Electricity Consumption in Iran
  • New Information Technologies and Their Role in Energy Consumption
  • Technology and Energy Management: A New Challenge in Higher Education of Iran

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