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  • Economical Effects of Ordinary Lamps Replacement by Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Comparison Between Consumption Energy in Electric & Petrol Vehicles
  • Direct Load Control Using Dynamic Programming
  • The Study & Optimization of Energy Utilization in Klut Industrial Town (Case Study)
  • Rural Electric Energy Demand Analysis & Modeling
  • Air Transport in the Light of Energy
  • Energy in the 3rd Millennium : Necessity of Revision in Definitions, Patterns & Units
  • Propagation of Optimal Energy Consumption in Residential Kerosene Appliances & Traditional Brick Furnaace
  • Taking a Leap Forward in the Economic Growth by Energy Saving & Productivity in Transport Sector
  • Vector Auto Regression Modeling and Forecasting Energy Consumption in Iran 1998 (2) – 2006 (1)
  • An Investigation on Performance and Standards of Electric Ironing
  • Operational Proposal for Energy Reduction in Transportation
  • Evaluation of Awareness & Education Activities in the Field of Energy Consumption Optimization in Tehran's School (1998-1999)
  • Energy Auditing of Aluminum Industry
  • Estimation of Residential Electricity Demand Function in Kerman Township
  • Electricity Demand Forecast & National Practical Capacity of Power Plants in the Country During the 3rd Developing Plan
  • The Relationship Between Energy Consumption, Price & Real Income in Some OPEC Member Countries
  • Investigation of the Power Factor Effect on the Electrical Energy Consumption Optimization in Industries
  • Energy Consumption Management in water & Wastewater System
  • Optimization of Energy Consumption, An Un – Escapable Necessity
  • Energy Audit in Textile Industry
  • Study on Iran Energy Publication (1991-2000)
  • Analyze of Effective Parameters on Electrical Energy Consumption Culture At Transmission Network and Introducing a Daily Consumption Pattern Using Neural Network (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Energy Utilization Management in One of the Cement Factory of the Country
  • How to Benefit from Attitude Modification Technique in Logical Making the Energy Consumption
  • Determination of Energy Consumption for Desalination of Seawater
  • Optimum Load Management in Rural Areas for Utilization of P.V. Powr Plants
  • Design of Self Tuning Regulator for Regulating the Power of unclear Reactor
  • Energy Carriers Substitution & Fuel Switching in the Iran Energy Basket
  • The Study of Energy Efficiency of Irrigated Wheat in Khoramabad, Boroujerd & Aligoudarz
  • Techno- Economic Analysis of Iranian Natural Gas Export in the form of LNG
  • Electrical Tariffs and Load Management
  • Cutting Peak Hours Consumption of residential, Commercial & General Electricity Consumer, Implementing "AMR" System Technology
  • Long – Term Marginal Cost of Electrical Energy in Khour & Biyabanak
  • A Proposal for Iranian – Hellenic – Armenian Cooperation in the Field of Coal
  • Optimization of Natural Gas Consumption
  • New Fossil Fuel Energy Efficiency Standards in Iran
  • An Investigation on Collaboration Areas Between Iran & Turkmenistan (Energy Sectors)
  • An Analysis on the Equilibrium Status in the Regional Power Companies During (1379-1383)
  • Energy and International Conventions
  • OPEC : Opportunities and Threats
  • Oil Product Regional Planning, In the 3rd Five Year Development Plan
  • Economical – Environmental Assessment on Technologies Producing Electric Energy
  • Air Pollution Modeling in Tabriz and Esfahan Power Plants
  • Simulation of Fixed and Fluidized Bed Reactors for Reduction of  NOx by Ammonia
  • Methods and Economics of CO2 Capture from Country's Power Plant
  • A Survey on the Effects of Ramin Power Plant Waste Water on the Karoon River Quality
  • Externality & Social Costs of Fossil Fuels Consumption in Iran (opportunities for Sustainable Energy)
  • Role of Hydrogen Energy to Gain Sustainable Development
  • An Investigation on Air Pollution in Tehran
  • Calculation of Fuel Vaporization Losses in Gasoline Vehicle
  • Evaluation of Management in Energy Sector
  • Ecologically Sustainable Development in Medium and Small Industries Through Cleaner Production Technology
  • The Fuel Energy in the Zagrous
  • Biogas in Iran: Potentials, Cultural Utilization and Future
  • Sustainable Construction and Vernacular Architecture of Iran
  • Social – Economical Resolution About Using of Solar Hot Water Systems for 4 th & 5 th Families in Iran
  • Architecture of Buildins, Environmental Design and Sustainable Development
  • Efficiency of Energy in Agricultural Ecosystems
  • Towards Sustainable Energy Technology
  • A General Overview on Global Warming & Its Effects at National Level
  • Energy , Global Warming & Tourism
  • Sea Thermal Energy Conversation to Electricity in the Southern Caspian Sea
  • Electrical Power Saving by Used a Cold Seawater Air – Conditioning System in the Southern Coast Caspian Sea
  • Variable – Speed Induction Motor Drives and Energy Conservation
  • Distribution Automation Using Distribution Line Carriers Systems
  • Enhancing Gas Turbine Performance by Inlet Air Colling Using Waste Heat Absorption Refrigeration
  • Control System Design for First Iranian 1 – MW Central Receiver Solar Power Plant
  • Calculation of Flux Density on Receiver Surface for the First Iranian Solar Power Plant
  • Elementary Design of the Cryogenic System for Hydrogen Liquefaction
  • A Review on the Technology of Nuclear Fusion
  • BCS Test Methods for the First Iranian Central Receiver Solar Power Plant
  • An Investigation on the Melting Unit in Casting Industry from the View Point of Energy
  • Design and Construction of a 1 kW Fuel Cell
  • Energy Audit and Using Energy Recovery Methods for the Fire Heater No. 101 of Esfahan Oil Refinery
  • Optimization of Steam Consumption in Three – Stage Steam Ejectors Using Vacuum Pumps
  • Analysis of Operation & Energy Loss of Steam Traps in Esfahan Oil Refinery
  • Optimization of Energy in Building
  • Evaluation of oil and Gas Projects in the Caspian Sea & Strategic Situation of I.R. Iran
  • Improvement of Gas Rating and Sulphur Recovery Units of Razi Petrochemical Complex Using Pinch Technology
  • Global Energy Demand & its Resource's Fulfillment the Possible Ways of Production of Hydrogen from Technical & economical View
  • Study of Energy Consumption and Recovery in the Reheating Furnaces of Esfahan Steel Plant's Hot Strip Mill
  • Heat Recovery from Exhaust Gases of Surgery Room
  • Reduction of Energy Consumption in Natural Gas Sweetening Units Through Substitution of DEA & MEA with MDEA Compounds
  • Comarative Analysis of Multi – Phases Transmission of Power and Compensation Schemes for Six – Phase Lines
  • Wind Farming Operating Experience' Realistic Field Status
  • Induction Generator and wave Electric Turbine; A Model system
  • The Effect of Application of Absorption Cooling Systems on Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection
  • Energy Electronic Information Resources Management
  • Planning of Iran Energy Information System
  • Optimal Modeling and Designing Thermal Pipes for Cooling Powr Transformators
  • Challenges, Bottlenecks, Effects and Methods of Liberalization and Privatization in Energy Sector
  • The Role of Public Organization in Proceeding Energy Section Policies in IEA Member Countries
  • Water & Energy Management
  • BOT Power Projects &  Its Evaluation Criteria 

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