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  • Analysis of the role of energy in Iran macro economy (1971-99)
  • Settlement of energy disputes and the role of regional and international organizations
  • The role of compressed natural gas CNG as vehicles fuel
  • Feasibility study & setting up an association of natural gas producers and exporters
  • Preliminary of energy engineering system in the third millennium
  • New methods in preparation of energy balance sheet in Iran
  • Energy policy of European union
  • Restructuring the gas industry (lessons for Iran)
  • Environmental characteristics rail transport industry: a way towards sustainable development
  • Analysis of energy productivity for large industries of country and Isfahan province during second development planning (1374-78)
  • Energy information system in organizations
  • Economical analysis of photovoltaic systems for electricity generation in remote area
  • Possible measures of utilization of solar ovens in tribal regions in Iran
  • GIS aided site selection of power plants in Iran
  • Electricity losses and Co2 emission in Iran
  • Indicators for sustainable energy development in Iran
  • Global warming combat policies in energy sector of Iran
  • Utilization of BIPC solar evaporation ponds to produce low level thermal energy in addition to salt (an examination)
  • Study of air pollution resulting from three power plants existing in Mashhad with using Gaussian model
  • Environmental impact assessment of Meshkinshahr geothermal power plant
  • Application of "clean production" concept for energy conservation in industries
  • Energy optimization for sustainable agriculture
  • Productive use of gas and oil in nomadic areas
  • Energy for sustainable development
  • Assessment based on development and the environment to produce agricultural wells energy
  • Clean and cheap energy using plants on the roof of buildings
  • Dispersion modeling of Co2 in power plants
  • Assessment and performance of wind power in different climates of Iran for designing utilization of clean energy sources
  • Tracking sustainable development projects world – wide (the world energy council's GHG emissions reduction pilot program)
  • Environmental issues and standards in energy development : a Bangladesh perspective
  • Modeling the geographic distribution of wind power and the impact on transmission  needs
  • Reducing GHG emissions from the power sector in developing Asian countries: an AIJ prospective
  • The analysis trend of energy productivity in economic several sectors of Iran and estimation production function for industrial sector
  • Electricity pricing pattern in hot months of tropical regions
  • Electric power bourse
  • Energy subsidies and consumption relationship
  • Energy models assessment as regards general characteristics and Specific Criteria
  • Review of modeling energy consumption in relation with environmental pollution in large Iranian manufacturing firms
  • Natural gas demand in Poland in years 2010-2050 based on logistic curves interpretation
  • Crude oil world market under the influence economic changed in the Middle – East
  • Analysis of LNG international market with emphasis of possible Iran presence in this market
  • Optimal oil prices in global market
  • Impact of oil pricing on the economy of the united Arab Emirates
  • Economic prospect of setting – up petrochemical industry by recovering ethane and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from natural gas of Bangladesh
  • Loss reduction in welding machines fuzzy controller
  • Electricity consumption management in Irib
  • Modeling of renewable energy efficiency over demand variation
  • Monitoring and targeting, an effective approach to control and improve the energy consumption
  • Application of educational psychology in behavioral change of energy consumption of Tehran pupils
  • Designing the vapor compression refrigeration systems applying thermo economic analysis
  • Sectoral energy and exergy modeling of Iran
  • Development of an approach for gas turbine cogeneration system optimization
  • Electrical energy audit and management in warehouses
  • Behavior and social science technique in energy efficiency
  • Results of national plan for power capacitor installing in low voltage networks
  • Dynamic modeling of drying Chalie process for energy efficiency consumption
  • Analysis of performance and presenting a standard method for evaluation of electric room heater energy consumption
  • Study and thermo economic optimization of power plant gas turbine cycle
  • Energy losses and energy management approaches in selected ceramic factories in Iran
  • Optimizing general methods of electric energy demand management
  • Analysis of energy consumption in the country
  • Correcting the pattern of electric energy usage determination
  • Electric energy consumption management in Isfahan
  • Economical study of buying a flue gas analyzer
  • The performance and energy losses evaluation of Isfahan oil refinery (E. O. R) cooling towers
  • Compressed air energy conservation in Irankhodro company
  • Survey for rate of consumption and energy intensity in the country's industry
  • Thermal power plant, optimization potentials (Energy – Water – Pollution)
  • The performance and energy losses evaluation of Isfahan oil refinery (E. O. R) boilers
  • Organizing energy management unit in industries
  • Reducing energy consumption of drying processes by use of heat carriers
  • Role and importance of strategical Kerman coal mines and approaches for optimizing the coal production to provide the required energy for Isfahan iron foundry
  • Demand – side management in electric motor – driver pumps
  • Energy efficiency consumption in paddy drying utilizing thin layer vertical dryers
  • Technical and economical study of air preheated installation on fired heater performance of Isfahan oil refinery
  • Condition of energy consumption in the country's cement industry
  • Review of electricity energy consumption in beet sugar industry
  • Termal energy consumption in sugar
  • Effects of training and awareness in energy optimization in industrial sector
  • Energy conservation of distribution of distribution transformer
  • Determination of energy consumption in traditional and semi- mechanized methods for rice production
  • Mathematical modeling of fuel consumption in road transportation
  • Efficiency policies and individual demand for energy services and green electricity
  • Newance for mechanical and natural cooling towers
  • The experience of co – operation between research, training and industrial centers of  energy ministry for prioritizing the superior technologies (for improving technology development and transfer)
  • Globalization of fuel cells: the goals & obstacles against their development
  • Thermochemical conversion of wood and agricultural residues into gas a suitable alternative for decentralization of rural energy delivery
  • Domestic washing machines energy consumption optimization
  • The evolution of the performance of education system on energy technology
  • Review of different processes in petroleum derivatives production from natural gas of technological and engineering aspect
  • Modeling of solar thermal systems using transys software
  • Reduction of peak electrical energy needs of buildings for summer air – conditioning with the production and storage of ice during the off – peak periods
  • Air conditioning system in Iran (benefit or loss)
  • Using photovoltaic system with low – scale pumped – storage power plants
  • Surplus steam recovery in carton production process utilizing of heat exchanger
  • Reforms in energy consumption utilizing water potential energy
  • Application of conductive composites in new energy storage systems
  • Photothermal conversion technologies in absorbing surfaces of solar collectors
  • The role of industrial automation in using of PIC for optimizing of energy consumption
  • Analysis and examination of methodologies for estimation of solar energy
  • The potential of the solar desiccant cooling systems in Iran, a case study
  • Impacts of technological improvements on agricultural sector long – run energy demand by type of energy and kind of uses
  • Design, construction and start – up of a bench – scale anaerobic digester for putrescible solid wastes by purpose of energy generation
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostic engineering management a must for country's industry
  • Design calculations for the development of 1kW phosphoric acid fuel cell stack
  • Fuzzy modeling of a heat transfer in solar station
  • Long range forecasting of hourly power system load using haar wavelet transform
  • Modernization of procedures for electricity metering and revenue collection at electricité du Liban
  • Assessment and performance evaluation of a water tube industrial steam generator using coal – diesel oil colloidal fuel (CDOCF)
  • Passivation of long – lived nuclides – the state – of – the – art
  • Fule valuation TM
  • A Decision support system to optimize the operation of hydro generating systems
  • A discussion on geological setting and hydrocarbon prospects of Bangladesh
  • Suitable replacement for expansion valve to energy recovery from fluid expansion in refrigeration cycle
  • Technology of hydrocarbon based fuel cells

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