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The Relationship Between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Some OPEC Member Countries

Application of Genetic Algorithm for Generators Profit in Restructured Power System

Quota Mechanism: Its Performance in the Oil Market and its Impacts on Energy Security

Introduction of Power System Planning Methods in Exclusive and Competitive Environments and Presenting a New Algorithm for TEP in Competitive Environment

Distributed Generation: Definition, Capabilities and Functions

Impacts of the Electric Utility Industry Restructuring on Power System Quality and Reliability

Choosing Optimum Feeders Layout for Decreasing Losses of Power Distribution Networks

Electricity Market Modeling with Transmission System Constraints Consideration

Privatization of the Power Sector in Iran

Competitive Model for OPEC Member Countries

A Reliability (Outage) Insurance for the Electricity Distribution Grid

Knowledge Based Economics of Energy Suggestions for Saving, Productivity and Modification of Production and Consumption and Increase of Competitiveness in Market

The Need – Necessarily of Developing Knowledge Management in Companies Involved in the Field of Oil & Gas

Review of Electricity Industry Reform in Australia: Lessons for Iran

Co- Generation in Coal Fired Power Stations

Maintenance of Steam Traps An Effective Way to Conserve Energy

Variations in Burner and Flue Gas Recirculation Systems in Power Plant Boilers for Reduction of NOx Emission

Analysis of an Expansion Turbine Open Cycle in Order to Pressure Reduction of Gas Turbine

Repowering of Lowshan Power Plant

Natural Gas Consumption Pattern in Residential Sector

Improvement of Gas Turbine Power and Efficiency Through Lowering of Inlet Air Temperature with Storage of Cold Water in Aquifers

Economical and Statistical Comparison Between Absorption and Compressor Refrigerant Chillers

Debortlenecking of Heat Exchanger Networks Designed Using PDM

The Optimum Energy Consumption in Spray Driers

Fuzzy Controller on Discrete (C/L) and Continuous (TSC/TCR) Actuation for Reactive Power Compensation

Load Matching in Induction Furnaces

Reactive Power Compensating by Considering the Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System

Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Potential and Estimating Specific Energy Consumption in a Ceramic Tile Industry

Determination of FMDL Based on Industries Load Management Programs

Determination of Industrial Customers' Priority in order to Compensate Generation Shortage

Investigation on Energy Consumption in Country Cement Industry, Past, Present and Future

Mathematical Modeling of Cogeneration Systems and Investigation of Performance Utilizing Evolutionary Programming Methodology

Providing a New Method to Sensivity Analysis Parameters and Effective Economic Design for Regenerators to Optimize Heat Recovery Efficiency and a Testing for Montazeri Power Plant

Energy Auditing of Kangan Gas Refinery

Absorption Chillers and Replace with Compressions Ones

Building Central Heating Controller Systems

Detailed Energy Auditing in Khangiran Gas Treating Plant

Problems of Electrical Distribution Systems of Cement Plant

Industrial Electric Motor Energy Efficiency Under Testing and Practical Conditions

Investigation of the Effects of Mismatch between Electric Motors and the Mechanical Load in, Their Energy Consumption

The Increase of Energy & Electrical Efficiency in Battery MFG Co.

Thermoeconomic Optimization of Steam Power Plant by Taking Advantage of ST

Techno – Economic Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Measures in Iranian Industrial 3 – Phase Electric Motors

Exergy Analysis in a Cement Factory

Building Energy Managemnet System

Techno – Economical Survey of Heat Recovery from Gas Turbines in IRAN

Evaluation of the Results of Technological Progress on Long Run Energy Demand in Iron and Steel Energy Intensive Industry

Cost of Quality Analysis in Electric Energy Generation by System Dynamics

Investigation of Fuzzy Control System, in order to Control A – 101 Furnace of Shiraz Oil Refinery

Design and Developing the Optimum Model of Energy in Oil Refinery

Mathematical Simulation of A – 101 Furnace of Shiraz Oil Refinery

Optimization of Energy Consumption in Formalin Production Process

Improvement of Heat Recovery in Sulfurex Units in Bleaching Materials Production Industries

Thermodynamic Evaluation of Advanced Combined Cycle Power Plants, Part A : Advanced Gas Turbine Simulation

Thermodynamic Evaluation of Advanced Combined Cycle Power Plants, Part B : Advanced Steam Cycle Simulation

Cooling Tower – An Energy Conservation Resource

Modeling of Air Flow Around Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

The Investigation of Cooling Tower Packing in Various Arrangements

Application and the Way of Effectiveness of Expert Systems in Energy Sector

Design, Development and Application of Optimal University Energy Model

Study of Energy Consumption in Iran Refining Industry

An Application of Integer Programming for Electric Energy Consumption Optimization in Lighting Section

Study of Actual Energy Consumption in Urban Families

Optimal Strategy for Natural Gas Development in Iran

Evaluation of the Existing Cooling Systems in Bushehr and Proposing Some Rules for Reducing Their Power Consumption

The Effect of Restructuring Power Industry on Expansion of Renewable Energy Resources, Barriers, Manners of Predominate On Barriers

Evaluation of Impact of Wide Using Energy Saving Lamps on Power Quality in Distribution Systems

Policy of Staandards and Energy Labeling in Home Appliances

Effect of National Building Code Part 19th on Saving Energy

Energy Council and Energy Management in Iran

Insight of Using Ethanol in Iranian Cars

Study on Relationship Between Added Value and Electricity Consumption in The Industries of Iran

Long Run Gas Supply Side Management in Iran

Investigation of Wood Pyrolysis Process in order to Produce the Bio – Oil

Priorities for Energy Standards in Iran: Multi – Criteria Decision Aid (MCDA) Technique

Standard for Energy Consumption in Cement Process

Benefit of Ministry of Power to Industries for Doing Energy Efficiency Projects

The Importance of Supporting the Researches and Developments of Nano Technology in the Ministry of Energy

Estimating the Dynamic Demand for Energy in Iran 91971-2001)

Natural Gas Pricing in Residential Sector

The Refinery Industry in Iran to Year 2024- Challenge of Quality

Pricing of Electricity with Long – Run Marginal Cost Model on 1381

Economical Assessment of Substituting Oil – Products with Natural Gas or Electricity in Province of Sistan and Baluchestan

Forecasting of Iran Gasoline Demand in Next Decade and Some

Technical and Economical Analysis of Distributed Generation and Its Prospective in Iran

Dynamic Process of Gasoline and Gas Oil Pricing on Their Demand in Transportaion Sector

Distribution of Electrical Power to Rural Areas – Australia Experience and Implementation Possibility in Developing Countries

The Necessity of Formation of the Producers and Exporters Conventions of Natural Gas

Technologies of Exploiting Biogas from Municipal Landfills

Technologies of Using the Produced Biogas Energy in Municipal Landfills

Analysis of  Power Generation in Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and Introducing a Method to Lower the Amplitude of Power Fluctuations

Study of Sitting Methods to Install Wind Farm

An Overview to Development of Fuel Cell Technology in Iran

Power Control of Wind Generators with Pitch Control According to Wind Speed

Applications of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines for Remote Areas

Wind Mapping Preparation of Iran and Wind Measurement Stations Analysis

Utilization of Mini Hydro Electric Power Plant in Mazandaran

Studying and Estimation of Extractable Power from Tidal Energy in the KHOR – MUSA by Building Hydro – Dam

Energy Saving and Decreasing Emission by Using Photovoltaic Systems

Design of Stand Alone Photovoltaic – Wind Hybrid System

Experimental Investigation of Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater

First Designing of Solar Energy System in TV Stations

Data Evaluations of a 30 kW Grid Connected Photovoltaic System

Potential of Energy Recovery from Degradable Waste in Tehran

The Study of Wind Potential in Siahpoosh in Ghazving Province in order to Establish a Wind Power Plant

Study of Combining ORC Geothermal Power Plant with Single Flash Geothermal Power Plant

Potential Estimation Sefidrood Valley due to Wind Energy Generation

The Effect of Water Management on Output Voltage of PEM Fuel Cells

Optimization of Solar Air Heater with Exergy Concept

The Role of Formal & Informal Education in Optimizing the Consumption of Energy

Iran Problems on Statistical Information in Energy Division

An Investigation on the Suitable Methods of Determination and Supplying of Energy for Rural Residents in Mahneshan – Anghouran Regton of Zanjan Province and Its Role in Sustainable Development

The Role of Energy Labeling at Formation of General Knowledge and Making Easer of the Energy Efficiency Process in the Energy Household Appliances

Social Psychology and Energy Attitude Consumer Change

Success of CFL Replacement Methods by Giveaway, Double Subsidy & Door to Door Delivery, in World & Iran

The Importance of Energy Training Patterns for Schools : Online Training in the Form of Website

The Necessity of Considering Energy Consumption in Governmental Organization

Verification of Environmental and Economic Impacts of Energy Sector in IR. Iran

Iran's Energy Policy: Current Dilemmas and Perspective for a Sustainable Energy Policy

Some of Environmental Aspects of  Present Energy Resources and Essential Viewpoint for Sustainable Development in Energy Sector

Investigation of Thermal Power Plants Sites with GIS in I. R. Iran

Methods of Conquesting with Environmental Pollutants and Its Effect on Productive Electrical Costs

Study of Temperature Decrease Trend in Some Cities In Spite of Increasing of Energy Consumption and Propagating the Greenhouse Gases

Ethanol, the Future Clean Fuel

Externalities due to Transportation in the Mediterranean Area: Valuing the Costs and Policy Measures to Mitigate the Impacts

The Aims of Integrated Rice Residues Management in Energy and Environment

Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Oil and Gas Projects in Marine Environment

Energy Information Management System in Home and Commercial Sectors

The Rule of Information Technology in the Development of Renewable Energies Applications in Iran

Energy Database Specifications

Structure Analysis and Design of Electricity Information System

Application of Information Technology in Iranian Ministry of Energy and Its Related Industries 

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