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Articles Of The 9th International Energy Conference-Download Link-Part 1

Articles Of The 9th International Energy Conference-Download Link-Part 2

  • A Macro-level Decision Support Model for Technology Assessment: Electric Power Industry
  • A System Dynamic Based Model to Predict the Trend of Lighting sources Demand
  • A Updated Risk Analysis on Iran Buyback
  • An Assessment of Public Private Partnerships Opportunities in Iran's Energy Sector
  • An Introduction on Different Green Wall Species and Their Effect on Lowering the Energy Usage
  • Analysis of the Challenges Facing the Establishment of the Iranian Oil Bourse
  • Application of Value Engineering in Improvement and Management of Energy Consumption
  • Arbitration of Energy Disputes in International Unified Provisions and the Iranian Status
  • Demand management and modify the pattern of energy consumption
  • The case of Iran and OECD countries
  • Desalination of sea water with solar energy thermal process
  • Design, control and optimal management stand-alone hybrid energy system for rural and remote areas using MOGSA algorithm
  • Determine the Optimal Amount of Reserve Power in Deregulated Electricity Market Using the Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Developing a decision model for maintenance via Analytical Hierarchy Process in an oil refinery
  • DG Operation in Islanding Mood in Smart Grid
  • Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Tower Using The Transfer Matrix Method
  • Economic analysis of solar cooling systems for an office in subtropical region of Iran
  • Electrical energy demand forecast of Iran
  • Energy production and sustainability in developing countries: opportunities and challenges
  • Environmentally healthy and sustainable energy options for Pakistan in global perspective
  • Establishment of Online Monitoring and Targeting System of the Energy Performance Indicators in Petrochemical Industry
  • Exergetic analysis of heat recovery steam generator in a combined cycle power plant
  • Experimental based 2-dimensional thermal modeling of a cylindrical lion battery
  • Feasibility study of utilizing plug-in electric vehicles in Iran: A probabilistic approach
  • Future prospects of battery electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles from energetic, ecological and economic point of view
  • Gas Turbine and Fuel Cell Combined Cycle for Building
  • Hydrogen production by gasification of biomass in supercritical water; Effect of alkali catalysts and temperature
  • Identifying the Inhibiting Factors of Application Development of Renewable Energies in Smallholder Farming Systems of the Tafresh Township
  • Implementing of Energy Labeling standard and its influence on reduction of electricity demand and energy efficiency
  • Integrated Microgrids Operational Scheduling Model with DGs in Electricity Market Enviroment
  • Investigation of relationship between energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions using fuzzy regression
  • Legislative review oil contracts (from Concession contracts to current contracts Buy-Back)
  • Mobilizing Capital for Power Financing in Iran
  • Modeling of Price Volatility in the Oil World Markets: An Application ARCH Family Models
  • Modeling of Waste to Energy Conversion System for Municipal Solid Waste Utilizing Gasification Technology(Case study)
  • On recent economic developments of photovoltaic vs. nuclear power
  • Optimal DG placement in deregulated electricity market based LMP and COA method
  • Overview of  Non Economic Barriers to Development of  Renewable Energy ‎In Developing Countries
  • Power plant Fuel Price Reform, Value-added Tax and Electricity Demand in Iran: a System Dynamics Approach
  • Prioritization of energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction solutions in Iran's cement industry using MADM approach
  • R134a and R 600a Energy efficiency index comparison in a domestic refrigerator using Iranian and European standards
  • Risk Assessment of LPG Based Fueled Vehicles: An Alternate Fueling Option in PAKISTAN
  • Short-term wind speed forecasting in Rostamabad in Iran by a hybrid PSO–ANFIS approach
  • Simulation of Iran's energy balance by a system dynamics model
  • Strategic Foresight Methods for policy making in energy sector (Designing a Foresight Framework for Iran's Natural Gas industry based on CNG)
  • Supporting Iranian Capital in Micro-grid by Targeted Tariffs Gas Bill
  • Technical and Economic Assessment Of a Stand- alone hybrid Renewable Energy Systems via PSO- TVAC Algorithm for Ardebil Area in North- West of Iran
  • Techno- economic analysis the diesel and/or battery back- up system for a stand-alone hybrid system
  • The advantages of using Qanat system in order to attain saving energy in arid environments
  • The effect of electricity prices on Iranian manufactured exports
  • The effect of Micro-CHP and AAAC conductors in the energy balance in year 1408
  • The Effects of the Energy Price Reform on Households in Iran
  • The impact of financial development and economic growth on energy efficiency in the OPEC countries
  • The Impacts of Electricity outage on Iran Economic Activities Production: A General Equilibrium Analysis
  • The Potential Study of Electricity Consumption Reduction in Appliances up to 2025
  • The Struggle of Renewable Energies in Electricity Generation in Iran
  • Investigation of Causality between Energy Consumption and real GDP per capital in MENA countries
  • A Novel Approach to Design of Hot Oil Systems for Optimum Heat and Power Cogeneration
  • An investigation of the mutual effect between crude oil and coal prices
  • Analysis the effective factors of using Renewable Energy in desert areas
  • Assess the impact of renewable energy  And strategies to improve it
  • Assessment of Technical and Economic Potential of Solar Electricity in Iran
  • Clean Energy
  • Costs and benefits of renewable and nuclear energy for sustainable development in oil and gas rich states: Saudi Arab, Qatar, Iran
  • DABC Used for TNEP Considering Substations Expansion and Uncertainty in Fuel Price
  • DABC Used for TNEP Considering Substations Expansion and Uncertainty in Fuel Price
  • Demand Side Management and Dispatching of Water Pump Stations in Municipality of Tabriz
  • Diesel Fuel Consumption And Value Added Growth Of  Rural Road Transport
  • Economic Feasibility Analysis of Organic-based PV Cells over Technology Trend in Tehran
  • Effect of importing efficient electro motors on energy consumption : considering standard levels
  • Egg Shell As Green Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Low Grade Edible/Non-Edible Oils
  • Elasticity of Energy Demand in Iran: A Case Study of Residential Sector
  • Electricity generation capacity increasing with Technical and economic Justification and design of coal power plant
  • Energy Aspects Risk Analysis Software
  • Energy consumption optimization in industrial section by Using of financial support by Ministry of energy
  • Energy Demand Forecasting By Using Neuro-Fuzzy Model in Iran
  • Energy efficiency policies: a conceptual model to explain
  • Energy portfolio of 1404 vision of Iran by using of futures studies – Delphi method
  • Energy Profile Assessment of Cogenerators in Power System in Steady State State
  • Energy Sustainability in India: Problems and Prospects
  • Enhanced Time Variant MOPSO Procedure for Combined Cooling, Heating and Power.
  • Enviromental Economic Load Dispatch with Multi Objective EPSO based fuzzy theory
  • Estimation of Exergy Destruction in compression unit Boosting Pipeline Gas Pressure
  • Evaluation methods for energy production in the province of Yazd,Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Evaluation Role of Smart Grid in Reduce Energy Losses and Load Management
  • Fault Current Limiting in Distribution Systems with DVR
  • Fuel Productivity  in Marine Transport Model Using Vector Auto Regression
  • Global Revenue Impact on the Contribution of Renewable Energy Sources: ANNs Model
  • Household Fuel Use in Rural China
  • Impact local education on energy management on the culture environmental on the rural city KHOMEIN
  • Implementing  BMS in household and commercial complexes using industrial PLCs as well as its impact on optimizing energy consumption
  • Improving the Energy and Exergy Efficiencies of Ahvaz Supercritical Steam Power Plant
  • Investigating Productivity Convergence of Energy in the Persian Gulf countries
  • Investigating the impact of Gas consumption on value added of Iranian provinces
  • Modeling and Forecasting Residential Electricity Consumption in the Urban Areas of Iran
  • Numerical investigation of effects of upstream ramp on the film cooling performance
  • Optimal Congest Management and Unit commitment using Multi objective HBMO on Electricity Market
  • Optimal Sizing of a Reliable Hydrogen-based Smart Microgrid with Controllable Load
  • Optimization Egg shell waste catalyzed transeterification of mustard oil using response surface methodology (RSM)
  • Optimization of energy consumption in residential buildings in Iran
  • Optimization of energy consumption in the residential sector with Insulation of building walls in the country
  • Prediction of Natural Gas Price Using GMDH-Type Neural Network: A Case Study of USA Market
  • Prioritized Supportive Policies for Developing Renewable Energies in IRAN
  • Prioritizing measures to reduce losses in electricity distribution networks using a practical example
  • Public Attitudes Survey towards Energy labeling
  • Recent Progress in Adoptive Approaches to Thermal Comfort
  • Reflection On the Development Strategy of China's Energy Economy
  • Relationship between Trend and Cyclical Component of Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Iran
  • Residential Fuel Consumption in Tehran and Its Distribution by End-Use Application
  • Review and prioritize appropriate standards for the construction of grid connected photovoltaic power plants using the AHP
  • Role of water pumping in energy efficiency of rice cropping systems in Khuzestan (Iran)
  • Smart Parking Lot to Minimize Residential Grid Losses Based on Controllable Load.
  • Strategic Priorities of Iranianian Oil and Gas Policies Using SWOT Analysis
  • Study of stand alone Photovoltaic  Solar system in Algeria Sahara
  • Suggestion of an Economical Plan for Electrical Power Transmission
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of Using Condensing Boiler-houses in the Iran's Residential Sector
  • Technical and Environmental Evaluation of Co-Gasification of Lignite and Biomass in a Trigeneration Power Plant
  • Technology, Energy Consumption and Environment
  • The Analysis of Consumer Behavior in the Residential Sector in Tehran
  • The economic and ecological investigation of an on-grid distributed generation (DG) system using multi objective genetic algorithm
  • The effect of Oil Price on Stock Market returns: Evidence from Oil Exporting Countries
  • The Effect of Oil Price Uncertainty on Growth of Industry and Mine Sector in Iran
  • The Study of dry cooling towers under windy conditions and using different aerodynamics configurations at top of tower to improve thermal efficiency
  • Three dimensional prediction for heat transfer enhancement with curved duct and nanofluids
  • Using ABC algorithm to optimal design of renewable hybrid energy system for water pump station electrification (a case study: Meshkinshahr site)

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