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Report of the 11th International Energy conference


Iran International Energy Conferences are held biennially by the National Committee of Energy of Islamic Republic of Iran with support of Ministries of Energy and Petroleum and cooperation of relevant organizations and institutions, universities and scientific and research institutions.

The 11th International Energy Conference as the greatest event of Iran in the field of energy was aimed to create a forum to reach on specialized and outstanding national and international deliberations, accomplishments and contemporary research activities in the energy sector under the main theme of "Energy Dynamics in the Changing World". It was held in Niroo Research Institute, Tehran on 30-31 May 2016 with the presence of Mr. Chitchian; Minister of Energy, Mr. Falahatian; Vice Chairman of Iranian National Committee of Energy, and professors and international experts: Dr. Urban Rusnák; Secretary General, Energy Charter Treaty, Dr. Ken Koyama; Chief Economist and Managing Director, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, Prof. Gurkan Kumbaroglu; President of the International Association for Energy Economics, Turkey, Luis Gomez Echeverri; Senior Research Scholar, Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Prof. W. D. Walls; Department of Economics, University of Calgary, Canada, Dr. Udo Niehage; Siemens AG, Head of Government Affairs, Company Representative for the Energy Transition, Germany, Dr. Carole Nakhle; Director of Crystol Energy, UK, Dr. Zafer Ozturk; Energy Systems Modelling Lab, Bogazici University, Turkey, Prof. Hans-Josef Fell; President of the EWG, Member of the German Parliament, Germany, Dimitri Pescia; Senior Associate European Energy Cooperation at Agora-Energiewende, Germany,  Prof. Lutz Mez; Berlin Centre for Caspian Region Studies, Germany, David Koranyi; Director, Eurasian Energy Future Initiative, Atlantic Council, Prof. Christian Breyer; Professor of Solar Energy Economics at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland and Dr. Andrea Meola; Vice President of Business Development of CESI, Italy.

 The event included various items including paper presentation; totally 447 papers and 225 presented papers in Persian and English and professional round tables; “Financing Energy Sector and Balance of Expenditures and Revenues”, “Renewable Energies and Environmental Conventions”, “Frontiers of Knowledge and Policy-Making in Energy Efficiency” and “Water and Energy Nexus in Hydroelectric Power Plants”.

Parallel to the conference, an exhibition of most recent achievements and inventions of the energy industry held with the attendance of 13 local and international companies.

It is to be mentioned that professional forum of Energy Charter Treaty was held with the presence of Dr. Rusnák; Secretary General, Energy Charter Treaty and his delegates and also some authorities of Presidency, Ministries of Energy, Petroleum, Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Ministry of Roads & Urban Development and Islamic Parliament Research Center.






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