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Green Growth and Brown Growth Relationship with Openness in Oil Exporting Countries Download
Is Iran’s economy moving toward green economy situation? A CO2 emissions assessment Download
Testing Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) Hypothesis in Industrial Sector of a Selected OPEC Member Countries Download
Renewable Energy Technologies, Sustainable Development and Environment Download
Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis of the Solar Power and Liquefied Natural Gas Production Cycle: Parametric Assessment Download
Potential of Palm Oil as Clean Renewable Energy Source in Malaysia Download
Techno-Economic Improvement of Gas Recovery Operation through Integrating Production Processes Download
Energy Benchmarking in Iran Cement Sector with Energy Consumption and CO2 emission projection Download
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Prospects: Analysis of Sectoral Energy Consumption and Saving Potential for Pakistan Download
Optimum Positioning of Pump-as-Turbines in Water Distribution Networks using Heuristic Techniques Download
Design and Implementation of prototype of Resonant DC to DC Converter for Telecom Applications Download
Risk-Constrained Self-Scheduling and Forward Contracting of a Thermal Power Producer Under Uncertainty Download
An Enquiry into the Energy, Economy and Environment Nexus with Energy Mix Perspective Download
Fuel consumption on ships and GHG Emissions from Maritime Industry Download
Management of Electrical Smart Grids with the Presence of Wind Turbines for Reducing Costs and Air Pollution Download
The Influence of Using General and Nano Phase Change Materials in Energy Saving of Buildings Download
On the Wind Speed and Power Prediction via New Hybrid Prediction Structure Download
Investigation of Sensitivity Analysis in the Generation of Renewable Electricity for a Hybrid System in Iran Download
Assessing the reliability of wind power plant potential in the country's renewable energy development planning and utilization planning approach Download
Potential Assessment of Installing Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Stationed on the Rooftops of Residential Buildings (Case Study: Ekbatan Residential Complex) Download
CFD simulation for determining the entropy generation inside the tubular solar still Download
Investigation of Hydrogen recovery during Methane steam reforming process using Pd-Ag membranes Download
A multiplicative approach to measure efficiency changes in the world’s major polluters Download
Investigating the Energy Consumption and Environmental Impact for MSW Transportation (Rasht city) Download
In-situ thermal transmittance assessment for appraising the ‎actual building thermal performance ‎ Download
Performance of silver nanoparticles in the management of energy required to recycle the waste of drilling operation Download
Assessing impact Load Flexibility in Smart¬ distribution Grids to improve environmental situation Download
Industrial analysis of 1-butene production process using Life Cycle Assessment tool Download
Electrical and Thermal Stochastic Energy Management of Microgrid in Presence of DGs and ESSs Considering Demand Response Scenarios Download
The Pakistan South Asian Hybrid Marginal Energy Electric Switching Mechanism System Download
Aging-based performance assessment of lithium-ion batteries in stand-alone wind-battery systems Download
Proposing a novel twisted vertical axis wind turbine with a conical shaft Download
Environmental Evaluation of Electricity Generation from Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Solid Waste: Case Study of Rasht, Iran Download
Comparison of Corrugated and Flat Roofs in a Roof Top Solar Chimney by CFD Modeling Download
Exergy and economic analyses of solar driven trigeneration cycle: Parametric study Download
Investigation of improve performance steam reforming of methane process in Palladium membrane reactor and Packed Bed Reactor Download
Hydrogen production via Methane steam reforming process in Palladium membrane reactor Download
Moldel-Based Fault Detection (FD) Of V47/660kW Wind Turbine (WT) With Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) Download
Multi attributes decision making in ranking of biomass energy resource Download
Salinity Gradient Power: An overview of applications and experiences Download
Performance Evaluation of the Solar Desiccant Wheel Cooling System, Case Study: Iran Download
Measurement and comparative evaluation of thermal ‎transmittance of a hundred Scottish houses Download
Sustainable Environmental Development Based On The Local Architecture Features Of The Cold Climate Of Iran Download
Innovative desiccant-based evaporative cooling system using flare gas heat recovery Download
The future energy-efficient technology of the windows and ‎their thermal optimization.‎ Download
Using Nano-Adsorbents in Cleaning Water Processes Download
The concept of national security of energy: By examining the approach of oil as the largest global source of energy versus solar energy in the electricity industry Download
Techno-economic study of a wet cooling tower replacement project with various dry cooling systems in a 156 MW power plant to reduce water evaporation Download
Thermal conductivity enhancement of transformer oil using nitrogen ‎doped graphene nanoparticles Download


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