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The message of conference secretary

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Energy is the most important asset and foundation of modern civilization of human being and is considered our heritage for future generations. In order to efficient use of this gift of god, it is required to obtain the complete knowledge of energy resources, optimal utilization and preserving them for future. The solutions formerly regarded as impossible or unaffordable are nowadays achievable technically and economically. Deployment of renewable energy resources, international cooperation, modern management systems, and advanced efficient technologies all can highly contribute to the development process.

18 years of experience in holding 9 editions of biennial energy conferences with the vast participation of organizations, universities and scientific and research institutes, reveals the credibility of this event amongst energy experts, managers,   researchers,   and   scholars. The objective of this conference is to provide a forum in order for finding solutions for the future requirements and supplying of reliable energy flow not only for the present generation, but also for the future generations. This event will also try to create new capacities for improving fundamental researches and also bring up solutions for issues and challenges facing organizations and institutions in the energy sector.

In this respect, Conference Secretariat in order to take the most advantage of these capacities and fulfill the requirements of energy sector intends to attract the wide range of participation and addressees by effectively planning. This conference which is one of the largest gathering of managers and experts of the energy sector focuses on policies and functions in energy industry. The 10th International Energy Conference under the motto of “Efficiency of Resources Management, Excellency of Energy Industry” will be organized on 26-27 Aug. 2014 with the presence of national and international professionals and experts includes paper presentations, workshops, keynote speeches and technical panels. Hereby, all scholars, theorists, experts and managers of the energy sector are invited to send their papers relevant to the themes of the event to the secretariat of the conference.

Simultaneous to the conference, there will be held a technical exhibition which will be an opportunity for capable companies and institutes active in the field of energy to demonstrate their latest achievements in a scientific atmosphere.

D. Manzoor, PhD

I.R.Iran National Energy Committee Secretary

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