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Conference Topics

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Dynamics in  Energy Finance:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Oil and Gas Projects in Common Fields
  • Energy Exports
  • Energy Sector and the Capital Market
  • Risk management
  • Energy Exchange
  • Asset Management
  • Public- Private Partnership

Dynamic Structures and Institutions

  • Energy Service Companies
  • Legal Structures and Contractual Patterns
  • Knowledge-based Companies
  • Iran's Energy Industry in Post-Sanctions Period
  • New World Order and the Geopolitics of Energy
  • Policymaking and Dynamic Planning
  • Energy Standards

Dynamics in Energy Technologies

  • Energy Technologies Market
  • Smart Grids and Innovative Measurement Systems
  • Roadmap for the development of new energy technologies
  • Local-Oriented Information and Energy Industry
  • Distributed Generations
  • Cogeneration of Electricity, Heat and Water
  • Energy Storage
  • Non-conventional Energy Sources
  • Localization and Transfer of Energy Technologies
  • Commercialization of New Energy Technologies

Dynamics in Energy and Environment

  • Social Costs in Energy Sector
  • Global Warming and Emission Trading
  • Environmental Treaties and Conventions
  • Economic Evaluation of clean Energy
  • Water Scarcity and Sustainability of Energy Resources

Dynamic Economy and Energy Market

  • Energy Demand
  • Global and Regional Energy Markets
  • Energy Pricing and Energy Subsidy Reform
  • Energy Marketing and Globalization
  • International Marketing and Globalization
  • Productivity Increase and Energy Losses Reduction
  • Industrial Clusters


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